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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first.. and we can research it.. but remember more than one person can make the same mod.

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04-26-2016 12:29 PM
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Default  Game Update Notes: 22 April 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 04-21-2016 06:27 PM - Replies (0)
  • Corrected several problems with augments that drop from new hotzones:
  • All races and classes can use them.
  • They now correctly fit in equipment augment slots 7 or 7 and 8 as applicable.
  • Lowered the augment distiller requirements to match those of other hot zone augments.
Quests & Events
  • Fixed the spelling of the Hot Zone task that asks you to kill Boogyman(men). It now appropriately asks you to kill Boogeyman(men).
  • Fixed a crash with custom UIs and inspecting items.
  • Fixed an issue where the default UI would report invalid errors in UIErrors.txt when inspecting an item.
Previously Updated
  • Fixed a problem that allowed some hot zone augments to drop in zones that were not currently flagged as hot zones due to rotations or due to them being on Progression Servers that have not unlocked hot zones yet.

Default  Game Update Notes: 20 April 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 04-19-2016 06:31 PM - Replies (0)
  • Hot Zones now randomly rotate between three possible zones for each level range and are currently set to rotate every 3 months. Talk to Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge to find your Hot Zone and earn bonus loot and experience!
  • The AA window now has a sort-able timer column.
  • There is a new setting in the raid options window for the raid leader that, when checked, will automatically fill people into groups.
  • You can now save over existing hot button sets, spell sets, and extended target sets by selecting them in the save menu.
  • This new menu works like load and delete.
  • The new save menu has an option 'Add New Set', which works as before.
  • Fixed a graphical UI bug which would happen when you have multiples of the same illusion in your key ring and one is removed.
  • Made room for heroic stats to show numbers greater than 999.
  • Added a Collected / Not Collected status on collectible items. This will show as Not Collected if any of your achievements can be incremented or completed by collecting the item.
  • The Parcels tab will now properly sort chronologically instead of alphabetically when sorting by Sent date.
  • Alerts associated to events will now disappear when the event has ended.
  • Cleaned up some missed references to EQ Players when support was removed for it.
  • Converted the options window to have its General tab layout its elements using a vertical layout box to ease adding / removing options.
  • Added an option called 'Auto Show Rewards' that will control whether or not the rewards window will appear when you've been granted a reward or when logging in with pending quest rewards. Please note that if you have pending rewards over the cap, it will still show the rewards window regardless of the setting.
  • Added a 'Clear Note' button to the Parcels window.
  • Added an option to the 'General' tab to control whether or not to randomize the selection of the loading screen music. The default setting is randomized.
  • EQUI.xml
  • EQUI_AAWindow.xml
  • EQUI_Inventory.xml
  • EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml
  • EQUI_MerchantWnd.xml
  • EQUI_OptionsWindow.xml
  • EQUI_RaidOptionsWindow.xml
  • EQUI_TCGStartupWnd.xml
  • EQUI_TCGWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 23 Mar 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 03-22-2016 07:13 PM - Replies (0)
  • The Shield of the Dark Waters is now flagged correctly as a shield and can be used to bash. Bash away, all!
  • Corrected several mixed-up spawns in Phinigel raid instances.
  • Updated links to point to the new Customer Service petition and support sites.

Default  Donít Miss These NEW Anniversary Events!
Posted By: Cairenn - 03-16-2016 08:55 PM - Replies (0)
Starting today, March 16, 2016, at 10AM PDT there are TWO new in-game anniversary events for players to enjoy. These events are scheduled to end on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 11PM PDT.

Hate's Fury Sails Again

For our 17th Anniversary, Krasnok's ship, Hate's Fury: The Scorned Maiden, has set sail once again!

Krasnokís 16 new officers will offer a challenge for groups of level 105 adventurers. Each carries a Commemorative Coin as a reward for defeating them. If you can overpower all of them you will be able to unlock the door to Krasnok's cabin and face the Captain himself! To battle him, however, you will need a raid of level 105 characters. Defeating Captain Krasnok will result in raid-quality rewards.

Drunken Gnome Races

Get a new gnome character, find Tipsy Teena in Ak`anon, and join us for a drunken gnome race of WHATEVER server you play on!

This event starts a few times each day! Server-wide messages will go out prior to each race, so you always have a chance to join if you want.
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays this event starts at 3AM PDT, 9AM PDT, 3PM PDT and 9PM PDT
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays this event starts at 12AM (midnight) PDT, 6AM PDT, 12PM (noon), PDT and 6PM PDT.
The reward for being one of the first players to complete the drunken gnome race is YOUR CHOICE of a piece of Tipsy Gnomework Heroís Forge Ornaments.

NOTE: You need the Heroís Forge feature on your character to use these ornaments. These pieces are tradable, until you use them on a character.

New Rewards for Commemorative Coins

Also, look for NEW rewards that will become available on a jubilant merchant for Commemorative Coins! Look for her in the Special Celebratory Goods section of your find window in the Plane of Knowledge!

Also donít miss 17 Days of BONUS EXPERIENCE and special Marketplace promotions. Click here to learn more.


Default  Game Update Notes: 16 Mar 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 03-15-2016 05:18 PM - Replies (0)
  • The Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge has information for you regarding the 17th Anniversary events!
  • New rewards are available on a jubilant merchant for Commemorative Coins! Look for her in the Special Celebratory Goods section of your find window in the Plane of Knowledge!
  • You can now opt out of the automatic master looter calculation for grouping and raiding in /advloot's loot settings window.
  • This will not prevent you from being designated the master looter by the group or raid leader.
  • If everyone in your group or raid deselects the master looter candidate check box, the master looter will be chosen as if everyone has the candidate checked.
  • When a zone repops due to a scripted event, items in the advanced loot window will now properly clear out instead of remaining until they expire.
  • The color and filters tabs of the options window have been replaced with a single Chat Settings tab which can now be sorted and filtered.
  • Removed support and UI for the old EQ Players service.
  • The Max Results Per Trader field in the bazaar window will no longer reset itself between opening and closing the window.
  • Fixed an issue causing Drakkin player characters of any heritage other than Atathus the Red to show as that heritage to other player clients.
  • EQUI_AdvancedDisplayOptionsWnd.xml
  • EQUI_KeyRingWnd.xml
  • EQUI_LootSettingsWnd.xml
  • EQUI_OptionsWindow.xml
Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 20 Jan 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 01-20-2016 12:55 AM - Replies (0)
  • Made many fixes to The Broken Mirror (TBM) items and Phinigel raid instances. See the Items and Progression Servers sections below.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the items that advance progressive spell ranks from being awarded when you complete TBM progression achievements. If you have already completed these achievements, you will be awarded these items the next time you log on. Using any item will grant you the maximum rank you have earned.
  • Corpses in Shadowrest are being removed and items will be parceled to players with some restrictions. See the Miscellaneous section below for details.
  • Changed the claim system so it no longer requires an open top level inventory slot.
  • Increased the limit from 30 to 40 for player and pet blocked spells.
  • EQUI_BlockedBuffWnd.xml
  • EQUI_BlockedPetBuffWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes.

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