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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first.. and we can research it.. but remember more than one person can make the same mod.

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12-08-2016 11:03 AM
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11-22-2016 07:26 AM
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Default  Return to Kunark and WIN A Collector’s Edition!
Posted By: Cairenn - 11-21-2016 03:58 PM - Replies (0)
We’re excited to be celebrating the launch of Empires of Kunark! To add to the festivities, we want to give YOU a chance to win some great prizes!

Here’s what you need to do:

From November 21 – November 28, make sure you’re following @everquest on Twitter. Tweet us your favorite screenshot of Kunark to @everquest using the hashtags #ReturnToKunark and #sweepstakes. Your screenshot of Kunark may be from previous content or the new expansion. You can also submit your favorite screenshot directly via Votigo here. You may tweet or submit one (1) Kunark screenshot per day for each of the eight (8) days of the Sweepstakes Period, for a total of eight (8) submissions.

Here’s what you could win:

GRAND PRIZE: An EverQuest-themed Prize Package which includes:
  • A Code for a Collector’s Edition of Empires of Kunark
  • An EverQuest/EverQuest II Coffee Mug
  • An EverQuest/EverQuest II Quest Journal
  • An EverQuest/EverQuest II Cookie Tin
Three (3) winners will be selected randomly from eligible entries as Grand Prize winners.

Head to Twitter and make sure you’re following @everquest, or start submitting your screenshots via Votigo!

The Sweepstakes is open to everyone eighteen (18) and over at the time of entry. For full official rules, please visit this site.


Default  Empires of Kunark, Game Update Notes: 16 Nov 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 11-16-2016 09:21 AM - Replies (0)
After decades of slumber, Imperator Tsaph Katta awakens and vows to reform the Combine Empire. With the former glorious capital of his nation rebuilt in the treacherous lands of Kunark, Tsaph Katta vows to cement his place in the annals of history as The Great Unifier. Not all are ready to bend to the will of Katta and his allies, least of all the current inhabitants of Kunark.

Make haste and return to the ruins of Kunark to play your part in the coming turmoil!

  • ]EverQuest's 23rd expansion, "Empires of Kunark" is out now!
  • With the expansion comes an exciting new feature - the Familiar Key Ring!
  • Added the Task Overlay Window.
  • Added the task overlay window. This window is on by default and its behavior is slightly different from other windows in the UI:
  • It defaults to 0% opacity. This can be changed using the right click menu.
  • It defaults to allowing clicks through. This can also be disabled using the right click menu.
  • The window is locked by default, preventing accidental moves.
  • You can click on task names to pop up and hide the full quest window.
  • In addition to "/taskoverlay," you can show/hide the window using the EQ button or via a hotkey.
  • Mouse scroll is active on the window to allow you to quickly scroll through your active and shown quests.
  • Tasks can be shown and hidden easily using the new checkboxes in the quest window.
  • Added some options for the task overlay window:
  • Automatically add new tasks to task overlay (defaulted to on).
  • Show only open steps for the task (defaulted to on).
  • Add most recent task to top (defaulted to off).
  • Added an "Auto Leave" toggle to the Familiars tab of the Key Rings window to make most familiars automatically leave when you are summoning a familiar or when zoning. This will not affect any buffs that a familiar will provide. Note that certain familiars will not be automatically dismissed even if this is checked (for example, the banker).
  • Fixed an issue where the pet window will show a pet's corpse name when zoning.
  • Added a new map for the Empires of Kunark, accessible through the main Atlas map under "Empires of Kunark".
  • The continent of Kunark in the main Atlas map has been split up so that clicking on the top portion of the Kunark continent will bring up the old Ruins of Kunark map, while clicking on the bottom will bring up the new Empires of Kunark map.
  • Added a new link from the Luclin Underground map to the new Empires of Kunark map.
  • EQUI_TaskOverlayWnd.xml
  • EQUI.xml
  • EQUI_Animations.xml
  • EQUI_KeyRingWnd.xml
  • EQUI_OptionsWindow.xml
  • EQUI_TaskWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes

Default  Game Update Notes: 19 Oct 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 10-18-2016 08:38 PM - Replies (0)
  • Modified NPC pathing logic when an NPC is in combat against a PC. See NPC section for details.
  • Corrected issues with the reward selection window that would cause rewards to fail to preview and sort correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Pet Rename reminders were not properly being disabled.
  • Paste from clipboard will now default to Ctrl-V.
  • Removed the allowing / disallowing of Pixel Shaders 1.1 and Pixel Shaders 1.4. The Pixel Shaders 2.0 control will now handle allowing / disallowing of those because all pre-2.0 Pixel Shaders are now treated as 2.0 Shaders.
  • EQUI_AdvancedDisplayOptionsWnd.xml
Source and full patch notes

Default  Empires of Kunark Beta
Posted By: Cairenn - 10-07-2016 02:13 PM - Replies (0)
It’s that time! The beta test for Empires of Kunark has started.

Everyone that pre-orders Empires of Kunark gets immediate access to the Beta server and the Ganak Monument, a special real estate item. Playing Empires of Kunark on the beta server also has perks for your live server accounts! There's more information coming soon about the reward players will be able to earn by testing expansion content on beta. Without your help, we would not be able to polish the expansion the way it needs to be.

Instructions for getting started in beta are here. Don't have access? Make sure you've pre-ordered here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about Empires of Kunark and seeing you on the Beta server!


Default  Game Update Notes: 21 Sept 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 09-20-2016 06:03 PM - Replies (0)
  • Look to the marketplace this October for the Big Cat in a Bag. Each one contains a random adoptable big cat familiar. Trade them to your friends or collect them all yourself, and keep an eye out for some rare and unique feline familiars!
  • The Mount Key Ring will now be accessible on progression servers before The Darkened Sea, if you have purchased The Darkened Sea, The Broken Mirror, or the newly added Marketplace Mount Key Ring feature unlock.
  • The Mount and Illusion Key Rings will no longer be included with expansion purchases after pre-orders begin for Empires of Kunark.

  • Added a third pane to the claim window that contains additional information about a claim (if there is any).
  • Fixed a tab title typo in the credits section on the login server.
  • Disabled the Welcome Screen and removed the ability to open it.
  • Added the ability to opt in or out of Guild Trophy Tribute when not currently in a guild hall.
  • Modified the Actions window so it can support nested controls in custom UIs. The controls were originally only working on the top level tabs in the Actions window.
  • EQUI_ClaimWnd.xml
  • EQUI_OptionsWindow.xml
Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 17 August 2016
Posted By: Cairenn - 08-16-2016 08:47 PM - Replies (0)
  • Corrected several issues with the pet window. Existing pet command hotkeys will need to be recreated. See UI section for additional information.
  • Many AA consolidations. See AA section for additional information.
  • Corrected an issue where the AA window would display Timer 0 for some passive AA abilities.
  • Adjusted the ornamentation label in the item display window so that visible ornaments do not cause the window to stretch horizontally.
  • Corrected several issues with hotkeys created from the pet window:
  • NOTE: Hotkeys previously created from the Pet Info Window hotkeys will need to be recreated to be fixed.
  • Hotkeys created from pet window command keys will now function if that command is no longer active in the pet window.
  • Hotkeys created from pet window command keys will no longer change function if the slot they were created from changes function.
  • Hotkeys created from pet window commands can be renamed and will now continue to function.
  • Hotkeys can now be created without an active pet.
  • Pet window command keys can now be changed without an active pet.
  • Fixed some pop up messages that used the color grey instead of the color selected in 'Event Messages' in the Options->Chat tab.
  • EQUI_ItemDisplay.xml

Source and full patch notes.

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