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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first.. and we can research it.. but remember more than one person can make the same mod.

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Default  Game Update Notes: 17 August 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 08-17-2022 04:32 PM - Replies (0)
No important files were updated that are UI related.

  • Corrected an issue where your Heroic Character count would not update correctly at the character select screen.
  • Increased the default number of available Extended Target Window slots to 20, and removed the alternate ability requirement.
  • Added chat messages when cancelling or completing a trade.
  • Updated trade chat messaging to include the quantity of items or coin offered. These messages will now display for both the sender and recipient using the System Messages chat filter.
  • The aggro meter is now available when players reach level 20 instead of when Rain of Fear launches.
  • The Randomize Loading Music setting should now work properly when unchecked.
  • When a selected quest advances to a step involving a different zone, the quest journal will now keep the same quest selected.

- Changed -

Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 20 July 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 07-23-2022 05:49 PM - Replies (0)
  • Fixed the weapon ratio in the Item Display Window to be updated correctly for players below the recommended level.
  • Added additional options to /advloot to allow for setting an option for all loot in the window. Example: "/advloot shared setallto leaveall". See the Advanced Loot help window for more details.
  • Fixed the advanced loot window getting into a bad state after the /kickplayers raid command is used.
  • Updated the Target Window to no longer require Target_HPPercLabel to be present.

- Changed -

Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 15 June 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 06-19-2022 09:53 AM - Replies (0)
  • Added 'Leave All' buttons to the Advanced Loot window for both Personal and Shared Loot.
  • Updated the Inventory window to show 7-digit HP, mana, and endurance values.
  • Updated the Combat Skills Selection Window to save and persist adjusted column sizes and layout settings.

- Changed -

Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 18 May 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 05-18-2022 09:22 AM - Replies (0)
Most notable update is NPC's maximum buffs/debuffs went from 97 to 200.

  • Fixed an issue where right clicking a social would not reset the currently running social line.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the keybind for toggling the visibility of the Spell Gems and Player Information windows to not work properly.
  • Updated the EQ button to always have the Achievements button available on all servers.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some window settings, such as lock status, to reset when zoning.
  • Updated the Grab Item button in the Find Item Window to use a slider for choosing a quantity of items to grab. Using CTRL or SHIFT while pressing the button now grabs one or all of an item, respectively.

- Changed -
No UI files changed.

Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 20 April 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 04-20-2022 10:27 AM - Replies (0)
Today's patch they added the code consolidation to the pet buff window, which could cause UI's to break again. Here is the UI patch information:

  • Updated pet window to use a single template for buffs.
  • Added a chat message when your pet's spells are resisted. The message uses the Pet Spells chat filter and is only visible to the pet's owner.
  • The Fellowship Window will now display the correct last online time for leaders.
  • Added parcels to the Find Item window.
  • Added a 'Clear Tab Text' option to the chat window context menu (right click menu) as a shortcut for /clearchat.

- Changed -

Source and full patch notes.

Default  Game Update Notes: 9 March 2022
Posted By: Drakah - 03-09-2022 01:18 PM - Replies (0)
Today's patch will more than likely break most, if not all interfaces. The update is to the Buff Window, Short Duration Buff Window, Target Window and the Templates file. They minimized the code of creating the buffs by using a template instead of 96 separate elements. This will allow the ability to also add in more buffs in the future without the need to edit the file again. However, as stated a while back... they are planning on re-designing the frontend UI system in 2023, so any updates from now until then will probably be minimal.

  • Accepting a resurrection will now update your respawn window selection to the location of your corpse.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when the Manage Loot window was being used.
  • Fixed a notorious crash that occurred when changing filters in the Advanced Loot Window.
  • Updated the /copylayout command to properly copy hotbutton window size, spinner, and keymap options.
  • Converted the Effects, Short Term Effects, and Target windows to dynamically layout the positioning of effects and support a variable number of effects.

- Changed -

Source and full patch notes.

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