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Category: FunctionalShadriel's Tweak UI
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Name: Shadriel's Tweak UI
Date: 09-24-2017 06:49 AM
Size: 1.73 MB
Version: 2017.09.24

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Size: 69.76 Kb
Dimensions: 473 x 805
Streamlined buffs/songs. Smaller potion belt & Give window. Old-style hotbar buttons & spell
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Size: 71.55 Kb
Dimensions: 606 x 558
Group window with stats, targets & cast bar. Smaller trade window. Convenient tracking filters.
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Size: 44.74 Kb
Dimensions: 604 x 661
Target ring swirls and twists.
Instructions for installation are included at the bottom, with my original first post.

-Group Window adjusted for stats/resists exceeding 1000.
-Group Window adjusted to show player mana/hp exceeding 100,000.
-Tracking Window updated to include new checkboxes. Layout also tweaked for efficiency.
-Buff & Songs windows updated to include all currently possible buff/song slots.
-Buff & Songs windows enhanced to increase allowed space for spell/song names.
-Created icons for hotbar slots 11 & 12 to match the old-style icons.
-Added both bank windows using Halelen's Open Bags Bank (for normal servers), and Finamdar's Open Bags Bank (for Progression Servers).
-Banks have been updated to include the new 'Find Item' feature. Also adjusted layout for efficiency and tweaked button/name colors to make them stand out more.

Update: 4/24/2015
**Group Window has been updated to display larger pools on higher level characters.

Update: 3/25/2015
**Updated the Group Window - it now includes a gauge for your power source and a Merc experience bar. Also adjusted some labels to make more sense and removed obsolete items.
**Added the custom target ring I like to use - its not my work, but I don't remember who the original creator was - its been 10+ years *shrug*.
-Its pretty awesome - I like the swirly thing.

Update: 4/30/2012

This adds a few files I realized were missing from the initial submission in January. Files added include:


Aura window thats virtually invisible - all you see is the aura's you've casted, nothing else - no borders, no title - window is completely invisible when no aura is up.

The rocks are actually your window backgrounds used for most UI pieces - normally you see a fuzzy grayish background, these ones are a nice smooth, solid black - makes text or images appear more vivid and clear.

~Original Submission on 1/15/2012

Functional UI I've been tweaking for years for my own personal use. Some pieces are 100% my own work, like the compass with timers, others were started by someone else and have since been altered to my tastes with a ton of tweaking over the years - My apologies but I do not remember who those people were - its been at least 6 years since the last time I picked up a piece here.

Warning - This UI is not meant for players with poor eyesight - all customized pieces are designed quite small, with tiny text.

Group window is by far my most tweaked out piece - it features a large portion of the inventory window data with all major stats; including experience bars, target and HoTT bar -also spell casting bar directly below targets health bar - (great for us healers so you can see if your spell cast is going faster than Mr. Tank is dying), with various other useful things. Group members health displays in green with a percentage meter. This piece I know originated somewhere else, but I have made hundreds of adjustments to it since I got it 10+ years ago: I've long since lost track of who crafted the original piece before I started tweaking on it.

The buff and songs windows align to the right, all old spell icons are used from when I started playing EQ in 2004. Buff names are also given, no need to hold down alt -unless you can't read it due to background issues.

Compass window with timers for guild and personal tribute so you can keep an eye on them and/or notice when someone forgot to turn it off...

Other windows mostly just minimized in size to take up less space or for better organization.

To install you will need to be logged out and then dig into your Everquest > UIfiles folders.

1. Rename the default UI as Tweak (don't worry, the default will just redownload itself when you run the patcher to log back in).

2. Download the Tweak Essentials.zip

3. Unzip it.

4. Copy the unzipped files into your new Tweak folder.

5. Run the patcher to log back in to the game. (It is important to run the patcher at this point.)

6. Once in game, open the Options window to the General Tab.

7. Click on "Load UI Skin" and select Tweak.

8. Ignore any error messages, as long as it didn't revert to default on its own - you are good.

There are of course other/better ways to install, but this is the simplest for a first timer - the rest of you shouldn't need instructions - move along now :P

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Last Modified: 09-24-2017 07:28 AM by shadriel    

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