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Category: Patches & AddonsPatch-2021-12-22
This file is a Patch for Infiniti_Blue_Beimeith by beimeith. You must have that installed before this Patch will work.

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Name: Patch-2021-12-22   Popular!
Date: 12-22-2021 08:36 AM
Size: 251.29 Kb
Version: 2021-12-22

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Size: 42.00 Kb
Dimensions: 681 x 497
AA Window with Buy All button added.
Update 2021-12-22

Apologies again for not updating quickly with the new expansion. I've been in the process of going through and trying to clean up / make corrections to various windows when the expansion came out and things were not in a good enough state to release.

Many windows have had updates that hopefully should provide a cleaner look. By this I primarily mean "buttons" should have cleaner lines though this is not restricted to buttons alone. The following is most likely NOT a complete list of changes, but were all the ones I could remember off-hand.

--Added Dragon's Hoard
--Cleaned up the buttons

--Removed "muted" tab as in-game voice chat is gone
--Cleaned up the buttons

--Centered and cleaned up the buttons
--Added back the old missing "who" button
--Socials now go left to right and top to bottom. This may cause some of your socials to change places. Sorry.

-Centered and cleaned up the buttons
-Added support for the resizable non-grouped section.

--Cleaned up the buttons
--Added 2 additional inventory slots to Page 1 of the mini-inventory window that is part of HotBar1.
--Moved Primary and Secondary slots to Page 2 along with Range, Charm, and armor slots.
--Added Page 3 to mini-inventory with all non-visible slots, and Krono.

--Cleaned up the buttons
--Added 2 new inventory slots.
--Inventory slots now go left to right and top to bottom. (I hate the change, but DBG sort of left no choice with the two new slots being optional).
--Moved and lined up most of the stats on the main page.
--Alt currency tab textsize has been reduced back to original size.
--Window has been reduced back to original size.

-LootWnd (manual loot window)
--Added support for new slots.

--Added new show names button.

--Moved the numbering to be better aligned with the spell name.
--Removed the unused 14th slot.
--Added optional additional files for 8-12 slot size spellbars for TLPs.

-Updated Animations file for ToL.
-Updated Templates file for ToL.

Update 2020-08-21

Apologies for not updating in a while. The UI didn't break, per se, but there were several patches that caused minor errors that should now be corrected.

-Added Task Count label to the Task Window.
-Changed the buttons on the Combat Window to use the same style as Hotbar buttons.
-Changed the Combat Skills Window to be resize-able.
-Removed the Time Remaining from the Inventory Window.
-Removed the Volume/Speaker icon for voice chat from the Player Window (in-game voice chat was removed).

Update 2019-12-19

-Replaced Marketplace window with default window as custom is no longer necessary.
-Updated Animations file for ToV.
-Updated Templates file for ToV.

Update 2019-06-19

-Adjusted Player Window to show decimal for percentages.
-Adjusted Group Window to show decimal for percentages.
-Adjusted AA Window to show decimal for percentages.
-Adjusted Inventory Window to show decimal for percentages. (Note this is not visible and is only to stop the ui warning from showing up).

Added an alternate Player Window named EQUI_PlayerWindow_Heroic.xml. This changes the stats displayed from normal stats to heroic stats for players on live servers who are more interested in heroics than normal stats. Rename the existing EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml to something else, and rename EQUI_PlayerWindow_Heroic.xml to EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml for this change.

Update 2019-03-13

-Adjusted Chat Windows to support Chat Tabs.

By default the chat windows will display both the Titlebar and the Border.
I have also included a version with the Border disabled, and a version with the Border and Titlebar disabled.

To enable these rename EQUI_ChatContainerWindow.xml to something else, and rename the version you want to EQUI_ChatContainerWindow.xml in it's place.

Be aware that with Borders disabled you will not be able to resize the chat window, and with the titlebar disabled you will not be able to move the chat window, and if you minimize the chat window you will no longer be able to see it.

This zip contains only files changed between 2019-12-19 and 2020-08-21 patch. You can download and replace these files in the UI folder without needing to replace the entire UI.

If you are using an older version you must download the main zip to ensure the UI is compliant.

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Old 10-27-2020, 06:03 PM  
A Ghoul
Forum posts: 13
File comments: 17
Uploads: 0

I really like the UI.

Some problems I encountered:
Unable to move or resize the chat window, I renamed it and used another one you provided, and was then able to move it by it's full frame. Still unable to resize it though.

The spell gems window is currently 14 slots, I play on a tlp where only 8 are allowed, would there be a way to resize this? Say drag it from the bottom so that the spell book icon moves up with it till it matches the amount of max spells you can have?

Since i'm a bit of a minimalist, it'd sure be nice if you can toggle the borders off from additional hotbars.

There are black lines to signify the sections on gauges, (hp, mana, etc) is there a way to remove those or scale them down by 50% so they are not as loud?

This is a super sweet ui and asside from the non resizing chat window, the rest are just personal preferances.

Thank you!
christy4444 is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 12-20-2019, 09:23 AM  
A Fire Beetle
Forum posts: 3
File comments: 3
Uploads: 0

Many thanks for updating! It made me easier for raiding now!
Daluas is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 06-21-2018, 06:57 AM  
A Bat
Server: Xegony
Forum posts: 1
File comments: 22
Uploads: 0

Thank you for the Jun 2018 update!
bkgarner is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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