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Name: Daellig.zip   Popular!
Date: 03-10-2003 07:39 PM
Size: 5.32 MB
Version: N/A

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Size: 304.37 Kb
Dimensions: 1024 x 768
Daellig 2.0

This is the 2nd generation of my GUI.

Once again, I would like to give credit to Thomus King, Remelio, Xymarra, Gendal, and Arista.

This version contains NUMEROUS enhancements over the last.

This GUI is designed for resolutions 1600x1200 AND 1280x1024!!!!

Windows skinned in this version include:
Effects (Buffs)
Short Duration Buffs (a.k.a Bard Box)
Pet Info.
Spell Book
Spell Bar
Spell Cast Gauge
Air Gauge
Containers (Backpacks etc.)
Item Information
Give WIndow (For handing items to merchants)
Item Counter (for picking items out of a stack like bone chips)
MUsic Player
Book Window
Note Window (like guild newbie notes)
Confirmation Dialog (like when you delete something)
Expanded Bank (NOT the old Bank)
Skills List (accessable from the Inventory)

I have also included all available class animations from Thomus King. If you have an old class animation and would like a new one, please check Thomus King's website at: http://pub10.ezboard.com/fmaximus94788frm10

I MAY release other windows as time permits.

I have also included 2 version of the group window. Once is for casters and has the players mana and pet on it, the melee version does not. they are located in the \Daellig\Group Windows subfolder.

The new GUI now supports SkinPacks! This means that you can EASILY change the look and feel of the entire GUI by changing just a few files. I will be posting a large SkinPack as a seperate download. It will contain 3 sets of backgrounds, 6 different filigree patterns, and 13 Spell Books. ALL Graphics are courtesy of Thomus King!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thomus King spell books have been slightly Modified for use with this GUI and ARE NOT COMPATABLE by default. As new books become available, I will try and post them. Thomus King class animations ARE COMPATABLE as are his Inventory Windows.

You will need to unzip the GUI into a folder in your Everquest\uifiles\ folder. You can call it Daellig for example so the full path would be something lile C:\Program Files\EverQuest\uifiles\Daellig. You MUST use the appropriate ini file, XML, and Graphics from your corresponding resolutions folder. e.g. If you run 1280x1024 you will need to copy all of the files from the \Daellig\Resolutions\1280x1024 folder into the \Daellig folder overwriting any other files there. Once you have done this copy the ini file from \Daellig\Resolutions\1280x1024 into your Everquest directory. You will then need to rename it to have your character name and server number in it. This information can be found by looking at your other character ini files. For example if your character is named Bob and is on the server Tarew Marr then you should see a file named UI_Bob_50.ini. Rename this file to UI_Bob_50.bak and then rename the ini file you copied from \Daellig\Resolutions\1280x1024 to be UI_Bob_50.ini.

Things to know:
The actions window is a permanent part of the GUI. It is located in the lower right corner of the GUI and can be used to perform the same functions as the Pet Information window. I have also added 2 additional tabs to the window. Once includes all of your current statistics, the other contains a 10 Hour timer. The code and graphics for the timer are from Arista. http://www.horizonsoutpost.com/eq/timer.asp

The Music Player now appears near the Compass and can be turned on and off by pressing Alt+K.

The Buff and the Short Duration Buff Windows WILL ALWAYS appear behind the surrounding graphics whenever you log into EQ or Zone. If you need to access the buffs, you MUST press Alt+B Twice in a row or Alt+E twice in a row for the short duration buff box. There is no way to fix this since it is a limitation of the GUI as designed by Verant. I have modified the graphics so that you should be able to easily tell if the buffs are behind the other windows.

The Compass and the top portion of the Item Information Windows use graphic textures larger than 256x256. This means that they may not display correctly on some computers using older graphics cards. There is no work around for this due to the way Everquest creates window borders.

You may need to change colors in the Chat windows for you to be able to read the text depending on your background.

The Pet and Selector windows are used to create the Left and Right Borders on the Viewport. The Actions window can be customized to have the same functions as the Pet Window. As for the new features available in Legacy of Ykesha like the Map, they can all be accessed with shortcut keys. e.g. by default the Map can be activated by pressing the backspace key. To check what keys activate what windows, please check your options by pressing Alt+O then looking at your Keyboard|UI commands.

All WIndows that used to have a close button and no longer do, can be closed by pressing the Escape key. The only excaption to this is the Frinds Window whic is opend and closed by pressing Alt+F.

I think thats it!

Again thanks to Thomus King for his wonderful artwork, Remelio and Xymarra for their coding expertise, Gendal for SidlWidl, and Arista for the timer code.


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Old 06-16-2009, 06:09 AM  
A Wooly Rhino
Server: Luclin
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Anny option to let this one work again?
Ore is it way to much out of date?
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Old 05-29-2005, 04:21 PM  
A Bat
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Post a small request...

Hello, I was looking threw the UI's and i saw the one u have done. I happen to really like it but i dont run EQ in the resolution that it requires. Would you mind making a new version for 1024x768 ? It is just a request.


Blakc Playgue
Server: The Rathe
Class : Warrior
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