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Category: CompilationsRedux Evolution-Melee
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Name: Redux Evolution-Melee   Popular!
Date: 06-30-2024 06:22 PM
Size: 24.47 MB
Version: 2024.6

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Size: 133.69 Kb
Dimensions: 1675 x 420

************************************************** **********************
Well I have always heard people refer to UI's as dashboards so I thought I would throw this together and make it look more like a "dashboard"
************************************************** **********************
THANKS!! to Enok for the idea and help on code for the color changing health bars. And subsequent help when sony decided to change the way gauges are drawn.
************************************************** **********************

Based off Quartz Redux with all new textures and resized some of the windows, bottoms seemed cropped too short and was cutting some images off, but was never able to fix with original textures, changing the textures allowed me to fix all those.
Spellbook is ttdragonbook by thangor using the eq original gems and icons...if you want the new or want to use something diff just remove or replace all spell & gem tga files.
Replaced the chatboxes with the no chat bar ones from Thoughtlover.. **************
The map is a modified version of Myxiplx's mini map ..I just made it a lil bigger to be easier on my old eyes...But had to have it because I feel the background color change button is a must and all should rejoice in its creation
************************************************** **********************

Installation Instructions
Download and extract all files into your uifiles directory and then copy the Caster,Hybrid, or Melee folder to your uifiles (make sure the path is uifiles/caster etc , not uifiles/redux/caster).
This ui is set to use .dds format instead of .tga. So if you want to use a window that did not come with the ui , you will have to open the xml and use the replace function and replace all .tga to.dds and save . Then your new window will work

NOTE: Please try to already be in 1680x1050 mode before you replace your UI file.

To change features, look in the "mods" directory. Here you will find the following folders:
MusicPlayer: This is an optional mod for the everquest mp3player for the ui,meant to go above or below the main chat window(included are windows for all res)(Default 1440x900)
Target: Choose between 1440x900, and 1680x1050
Short Thin buff: shorter version of buff and pet for lower resolutions
Thin Horizontal Buffs: My thinner variants to the buff windows(default)
New Shorter CAW : Shorter Combat Ability Window

To use these new xml files you need to go to the desired folder and copy the .xml file within to the uifiles/redux folder replacing the file that was already there. (Windows will prompt you to replace the file if itís already there, just hit yes.)
************************************************** **********************
Clickable Items: In the Selector window are 6 clickable inventory slots. By default, these are preconfigured with the Waist, Chest, Shoulder, Face, Right Finger, 7th Inv. slot. You can customize these by opening the EQUI_SelectorWnd , Search the file for Clicky1, Clicky2, etc.

<EQType>inventory/equip 15</EQType> <!-- First Clicky. Change the number only -->

Replace the number in the EQtype to the number that corresponds with the item you want from the list below.

(Thanks to the people at EQInterface for the EQTypes list)

0 = Charm
1 = Left Ear
2 = Head
3 = Face
4 = Right Ear
5 = Neck
6 = Shoulder
7 = Arms
8 = Back
9 = Left Wrist
10 = Right Wrist
11 = Range
12 = Hands
13 = Primary Slot
14 = Secondary Slot
15 = Left Finger
16 = Right Finger
17 = Chest
18 = Legs
19 = Feet
20 = Belt
21 = Power Source
22 = Ammo
23 = First Inventory Slot
24 = Second Inventory Slot
25 = Third Inventory Slot
26 = Fourth Inventory
27 = Fifth Inventory Slot
28 = Sixth Inventory Slot
29 = Seventh Inventory Slot
30 = Eighth Inventory Slot
31 = Ninth Inventory Slot
32 = Tenth Inventory Slot

************************************************** ********

Update History
V2024.6 6-30-3024
-Added 7 new buffs to buff window
-Added a new feature...left click on the tribute timers opens the trib window above with a new tab with quick on off buttons, click anywhere else to close the window

V2024.2 2-21-2024
-Updated to latest

V2022.11 12-15-2022
-Fixed Issue with Selector window not showing slots

V2022.10 12-12-2022
-Added a Tabbed Big Bank window(default) full bank can be found in mod folder

V2022.9 12-9-2022
-reworked bank window and updated bag capacity to 46
-Updated Bandolier Bag capacity to 46

V2022.8 12-8-2022
-updated For NoS

V2022.7 9-16-2022
-updated to latest patch

V2022.5 4-14-2022
-Fixed Pet window for upcoming patch
-Adjusted buff windows

V2022.4 3-21-2022
-Fixed an issue in the mods

V2022.3 3-18-2022
-Fixed a couple issues

V2022.2 3-3-2022
-Fixed Buff, Songs, and target window

V2021.5 12-17-2021
-Fixed Shared Bank

V2021.4 12-3-2021
-Updated for latest Expansion


Any issues let me know as I don't play anymore

-Removed rest of update history for sake of shorter post


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Old 04-23-2015, 07:08 PM  
A Fire Beetle
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Talking !!!Love it!!!

I can't post in the forums for some reason. I Love this UI. Is there any chance it is still going to be updated?!
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Old 11-12-2008, 10:40 PM  
Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
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Redux Evolution

Please post any comments, suggestions, complaints at:



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