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Name: QQQuarm   Popular!
Date: 12-07-2023 09:42 AM
Size: 3.18 MB
Version: 3.7.2

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Size: 217.02 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 810
QQ ui Fixed with classic Icons and Scrollbar
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Size: 30.80 Kb
Dimensions: 668 x 658
Tabashir Spellbook Modded for QQQuarm with bigger font and spacing
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Size: 30.43 Kb
Dimensions: 648 x 377
Customized Player Window Full Info in Options
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Size: 39.74 Kb
Dimensions: 632 x 520
Dacianas Horizontal Hotbars "Quarmified" + QQQuarm Spellbook Update
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Size: 35.97 Kb
Dimensions: 688 x 573
Mini Buff Bar and new Cursor included in 3.6
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Size: 145.11 Kb
Dimensions: 1024 x 1024
New Pet Windows, 1 new "core" and 3 optional ones in Option Folder
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Size: 21.74 Kb
Dimensions: 237 x 403
This is the New Group Window for Casters that has blinking health
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Size: 484.30 Kb
Dimensions: 1121 x 640
@Boroco Bigger Spellbar Icons!
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Size: 235.52 Kb
Dimensions: 725 x 576
Nattsumi Quarmified Horizontal bag Mod and Extra Info Player Window
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Size: 169.54 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 800
New Backgrounds Colors for QQQuarm! BLUE here!
QQ fixed for Project Quarm AKA "QQQuarm"

- Added Scrollbar to Missing Chat Window (@Ceyx fix from Discord)
- Classic Icons Fix (fix from Discord - @Ceyx from Discord)
- Enabled Selector Window (ALT-W)
- New Unique QQQuarm Spellbook
- Fixed Face Select Window
- Fixed background images of some pieces for better cosmetic looks (spellbook icon)
- Several extras and add-ons (some from original QQ and some new ones )Added to Options Folder:

1 - Ceyx RoF Icons
2 - Custom Compass Options in Green, Blue, Yellow and White
3 - Wymps Square Spellbar Quarmified
4 - Cerastes Horizontal Spellbar modded for QQQuarm (8 Slots)
5 - Gladrels Spellbar with Spell Names (8 Slots)
6 - Spellbook icon cosmetic fix (grey rock background removal)
7- New QQQuarm Spellbook by me using Qedds Ragged Spellbook template
8- Modified Tabashir from TAKP QQ Spellbook for QQQuarm with bigger font and spacing
9- Modified Player Window as an optional addon
10- New Cursors in several colors
11- New Target Window by Lunakin Quarmified
12- New Mini Buff window! (old one can still be found in options)
12a- Reworked Actions Window without stats showing only logo in Options folder
14- 4 new pet windows, 1 of them horizontal fully reworked from classic pet windows into quarm, with fixed and sometimes more streamlined code to better suit the TAKP client, one of them has inventory and stat tabs based off old Soontaces to help those that dont use pets.
15- New Modified Vanilla QQQuarm Player window with added Weight and Ac for Monks or those that want to keep track of their encumbrance
16 - Two New variations of the Group Window that blinks and changes color when group members reach certain thresholds in life, around 90% or less, 40% or less and full blink when around 20% for all healer types that need to keep an eye on the group life. One window is full info with mana, stamina, aa xp, regular xp alongside the group bars, another much more streamlined is just the group bars.
17 - Added Tabashirs custom Hotbutton with inventory to the left and bags to the right! 100% Quarmified and Quarm Compliant!
18 - Special Mod to make spell icons bigger in QQQuarm courtesy of @Boroco at the discord UI Channel!
19 - A mod I made for my other UI but I think should be here as well, I modded Nattsumis original bag mod to make it horizontal! I know some of you will enjoy it and use it
20 - 4 New Backgrounds for the Chat/Windows background texture! Give Color to QQQuarm!
And many more choices to make the UI more customizable to your needs! QQQuarm is repacked, fixed and tweaked to make it a flexible UI that will suit all of your needs during the long time Project Quarm will be up

--- Instructions on how to install files in Options folders ---

Go to the Options Folder within QQQuarm Folder

You will see three Named folders there:

BUFF + others , etc.

Go to the one that has your desired choice beyond the standard QQQuarm install, say, you want to change the spellbar to the horizontal one.

Navigate to the SPELLBARS folder, there you will see several folders, go to the one that has the name CERASTES HORIZONTAL, open the folder and you will see inside a .xml file, copy it and then dump it into the main QQQuarm folder, overwriting the old one.

That is pretty much it!

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Happy Gaming in Quarm!

Thanks to everyone at discord for providing fixes, please reply to me with your names if I am missing you.

All credit to creators of old and new uis, that can see the light of day again with Quarm!
REMEMBER QQQUarm is fully modular, so if you dont like the Vertical Hotbars or the hotbars with inventory included, there are options to do them in either orientation with or without the bags, there are 3 spellbooks to choose from, 3 spellbars and several colors to choose for the compass as well, all keeping with the aesthetic.

Hope you like my work! Love to you all!

For the future and TO DO List:

-Add new experimental AI generated spellgems and spell icons
-Refurbish old archived spell bars and buff bars
-Improve Target Bar Window
-Improve Party Window
-General cleanup of whole ui and included tga files

Version History:

1.0 - First Release
2.0 - Fixed chat window no scrollbar / Enabled Selector Window
3.0 - Added multiple spellbar choices to Options folder modded to work with QQQuarm, fixed small minor cosmetic issues
3.1 - Window_pieces01.tga fix for QQQuarm , minor cosmetic fix on spellbook open/close icon to remove gray rock background
3.2 - Fixed Face Setup Window for Quarm + New QQQuarm UI Spellbook added in Options
3.3 - Added new Tabashir Spellbook for QQ modded for QQQuarm with bigger font + Added to QQQuarm Spellbook page numbers for better visibility
3.4 - QQQuarm Spellbook Updated to show scribe/memorize bars + Minor fixes to some of the optional xml files
3.5 - General cleanup of UI file, cleaned window_pieces02 and window_pieces01, added extra compass + color options, added Dacianas horizontal hotbars
3.6 - New Compass in several colors included in green, blue, white and yellow + Buff Bar + Larger Target Window for Casters, Melee and Ultra Simple versions
3.6.1 - Added fixed MarcinBuffQuarmified Buff Window , was offset by some pixels in some of the mid decal locations due to wrong sizing.
3.6.2 -Added a custom request Actions window without stats, fixed some old tgas and xml files to include the QQQuarm Logo as an animation (animations and action xml files) +minor nitpicking fixes to mini buff bar.
3.6.3 - Added 4 new pet windows, removed old QQ pet window due to broken sit button and now has a new "core" pet window, smaller and more compact , with 3 other pet window choices for those that want them: 1 horizontal pet window, 1 minimalist icon based one 1 with multiple tabs for non pet classes that might find the stats or inventory access more convenient
3.6.4 - Added a player window that shows Weight and AC for those of us that like to keep track of encumbrance + A very special party window that blinks when group members are very low on health , to help clerics, druids, shamans and healers in general, in two versions, full info window with aa, stamina, mana alongside the group bars and a much more streamline version with only groupbars + Minor cosmetic tweaks to overall UI
3.6.5 - Fixed a visual bug in the optional player window that displays weight / AC
3.6.6 - Added extra Tabashir Quarmified multi Bags/Inventory/Hotbuttons Window
3.6.7 - Special Mod for bigger Icons in the Spellbars courtesy of @Boroco from the Quarm Discord UI channel added!
3.6.8 - Added Nattsumi Bag Mod in two versions: a more evenly space regular small bag and an horizontal bag mod for stacking in a section of the screen for those that enjoy horizontal UIs.
3.6.9 - Added 4 new window background colors to QQQuarm to spice up the UI and give it more color variety! No more drab black backgrounds! Customize it to your leisure in these colors (more incoming!)
3.7.0 - New Update to @Boroco Bigger Icons! Now more polished and better fits
3.7.1 - Updated Lunakin Ovaltarget Target Window showing mana total in numbers to also have a casting bar for casters, the other two are much more simple and aimed at non mana using classes. Added a small readme in the Target window options to show how to enable casting gauge window back if you use any of these as well (in short delete the castingwindow.xml file in QQQuarm to bring it back)
3.7.2 - Added by request a new background color called AQUA

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If anyone finds any bug or window not working correctly, please tell me!

Not very tech savvy, bu can understand somewhat the xml language used in these.

Cheers and happy gaming!
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